see these glowing things? these pretty looking bamfs are called ctenophores (from phylum, surprise, surprise, ctenophora) and most, if not all of them are bioluminescent, hence the pretteh lights. they’re like close relatives with jellyfishes and corals and sea anemones. (these guys are relatives even if it’s not very obvious. they really are. i swear.)

but anyway. ctenophores are also probably one of the creepiest little fuckers you will ever see. don’t let the pretty lights fool you, because these things are cray-cray. see, most of them are predators and they have the ability to SWALLOW JELLYFISHES AND CRUSTACEANS AND JUST LIKE WHATEVER THAT COMES THEIR WAY WHOLE. and as if that’s not enough, they have rows of teeth* to CUT YOU UP. 

LIKE IDK MAN. they’re like insane marine mafia or something.

one minute you’re doing your own thing and then bam! some little fucker’s swallowing you whole to eat you. (they only grow up to like 59 inches and are probably not that harmful to human, but still, if you happened to crush a jellyfish and spread it all over your fist, i doubt you’d want them trying to EAT YOU.) 

also, they have this creepy ability to get the abilities of the things they eat. like, if they eat a jellyfish, they can get the jellyfish’s stingers and attach them to themselves. 

creepy motherfuckers.  

*not exactly teeth. they’re aggregate cilia that turn into these macrocilia that are very sharp. 

[all photos from noaa.gov.] 

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